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Dr. Mitchell Corwin, D.C. provides complimentary/alternative health care using a method called Neural Organization Work (N.O.W.).   His work is based in Applied Kinesiology, which utilizes muscle testing as a functional neurological assessment tool.
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Pleasant Hill
1924 Oak Park Blvd
office of
 Dr. John Erdmann
OakPark Shopping Mall
(510) 845-3246
Berkeley Office
2914 Domingo Ave
across from the 
Claremont Hotel
Primary Office Location
(510) 845-3246
Are your Vit. D levels adequate?
During the winter months increase your Vit D3 levels
My purpose is to address your health concerns swiftly and cost efficiently.
4450 Black Ave #E
office of
Dr. Grayce Stratton
Life Time development
(510) 845-3246
Health & Safety Update
Dr. Corwin will be maintaining usual office work days/hours.
I will be taking additional precautions by making available disinfectants to wash ones hands, cleaning all common surface areas as well as myself wearing gloves/mask if requested.             Additional information about vaccines and boosters (2022)
Corona Virus Information 2020
Vaccination Update   what does it mean for your children?
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