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Common and often critical nutritional deficiency(s), are based genetics.  A significant percent of the population may have difficulty in converting nutrients in food to usable activated vitamins.  I believe the population that needs to be aware of this anyone  with a chronic illness or a health issue that is poorly responding to care. 

The nutrients that are of primary concern are:  Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, B12, and B2.
(an optimal product should have similar ingredients as found here).      

These deficiencies are caused by a single nucleotide genetic polymorphism (SNP) that results in a reduced efficiency in a live metabolic process called Methylation.

To read a 2 page summary about Methylation (PDF File) click on this link here or to learn more follow the link of Dr. Laurie Mueller on left.

Also the Khan Academy always does a good job in explaining this and many health related  issues.