Interviews by Len Saputo MD of Dr. Corwin 
on KEST 1450 AM  Radio Station San Francisco

Neural Organization Work ...what is it?

Mercury Toxicity ...what is it?

Interview of Dr. George Goodheart
"History Of Applied Kinesiology 
and the development of Muscle Testing"

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Listen to a 60-minute interview by Cindy Umholtz
of Dr. Corwin discussing Mercury Toxicity.

Audio - Visual Presentations
U-Tube Video
Study Analysis of Mercury Body Burden Research (IAOMT).

Read a 7-page PDF File description of the Video,  "Smoking Teeth"
by the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

International Organization of Oral Medicne  and Toxicology.ORG

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5 minute U-Tube video of Dr. Corwin discussing Mercury Toxicity
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Summary of a Book (PDF File) on Titled "Failure, Deception, Abuse of the FDA and Pharmaceutical Companies" by Life Extension Magazine 
Interview of Dr. Carl Ferreri
KABL Radio  San Francsisco  1986
"History Of Neural Organization Technique as it relates to Dyslexia and other Learning disabilities"

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U-Tube Video
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U-Tube Video