There remains an ongoing controversy among many dentist on the safety and use of amalgam fillings.  As a the consumer (dental patient), simply ask for  a non-amalgam or composite filling for any dental decay /cavity or restoration.

If your dentist tries to convince you there is no danger or harm from amalgam fillings you will need to find a new dentist.  Often you will here the line, "there is no research proving amalgam fillings are harmful to your health"; [you may be recalling the line ...there is no research proving global warming]  and you may be handed the pamphlet shown below. 

This pamphlet is only showing half truths in that if you look carefully at the last page and note the date of printing, you will see it is significantly outdated.  The information was  acceptable then but present day knowledge shows us otherwise.

International Organization of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is presently leading a law suit with the FDA to reclassify Amalgam fillings as a Class 2 medical device, assigning it no controls or other measures  to protect the public.”  The suit asks the FDA to reclassify it as a class 3 device which put restrictions and warnings for public use.   Additionally the sui asks Amalgams be removed as a dental restoration procdeure for children and adults. -For more information at:
What your Dentist may or may not tell you about amalgam fillings.
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Metal Toxicity 
Presentation at the East Bay Functional Medicine Forum March 2019
Why MT can play a sabotaging role in chronic illness and
A functional neurological method to evaluate MT load in the CNS 

Metal toxicity has been a passion of mine in that I have seen it play an ever increasing
significant role in chronic illnesses. There are several factors for this and one of them is
an inability to evaluate the toxicity in the human body especially the CNS. Today I will
explore a screening method to evaluate the metal toxicity (MT) load in the CNS, in
particular the cerebellum, using a functional neurological screening test.

In this discussion about MT, one is primarily speaking about mercury from amalgam
fillings, however, it generally includes other heavy metals especially one that crosses
the blood brain barrier. The present day challenge of laboratory measurements of MT is
that there is no way to measure the CNS load. The body load can be approximately
measured with the provocative 6 hour urinalysis, but it is cumbersome to implement. 
And hair analysis is equivocal.  

As functional medicine has taken a leading role in addressing chronic illnesses, so has
functional neurological testing. What I will be discussing and hopefully instructing is a
simple and effective method to do so by measuring cerebellar output changes following
a known stimulus against a known predictable output. This screening test requires
some very knowledge of manual muscle testing (MMT) commonly used in Applied
Kinesiology (AK) methods.

I am a practicing chiropractor since 1980 here in Berkeley and several east bay office
locations. My training has been in AK and I am a long time member of the International
Association of Applied Kinesiology ( Not unlike many of us as well as
our patients/clients, growing up dental caries involved the silver amalgam fillings. I
had the opportunity to meet up with an innovative and truly energy medicine dentist
name Vaughan Harada in Los Angeles area who catered to the Hollywood elite. 
Although his clientele certainly had cosmetic reasons for their amalgam removals, he
also recognized the toxicity role in played in their health. He had a wide knowledge
base in AK, acupuncture, and various energy medicine techniques. He removed all my
amalgams in the mid 1980’s. Although I was still young and healthy and had no
outward MT symptoms, his patients were not. It was obvious the role MT played in his
dental practice. I further became involved with International Association of Oral
Medicine and Toxicology ( and their video productions in 1999: “Smoking
Teeth” & “How Mercury causes Brain Neuron Degeneration”, plus the lectures of
“Boyd Haley, Ph.D”. 
I suggest you peruse the website and locate the above mentioned short 10
minute videos or on YouTube as well. After I purchased these two videos in 2000 and
now that they have been released publically on YouTube, I have made at least a
hundred DVD copies to hand out to my patients who need a little extra encouragement
to visit their dentist. You will find these videos to be a very effective tool for
compliance in detox and eventual amalgam removal. Let me also comment that
because dental work can be very expensive, I often recommend considering travel to
Mexico where you can easily find highly professional dentists and DMD’s practicing
biological dentistry with chelation therapies concomitant with amalgam removal. I list
several on my website ( 

I would like to emphasize that there is no way to safely remove amalgam fillings. Even
with the best biological dental methods of high suction, dam usage, etc. the mercury
vapors are quickly absorbed through the mucous membranes and inhaled by both
patient and dentist. Proximity is a significant factor and an external air supply can also
be helpful. That being said, the reduction in using any combination of the above will
only reduce toxicity by 25-35%. It simply is a toxic event and thus, detox methods
should be employed ASAP. Optimally, chelation therapies should be employed
immediately following amalgam removal(s) however it is challenging to implement in
the US. Apparently in Mexico and Europe it is often routine. Also it should be said
that IAOMT recommends a minimum of 3 weeks before subsequent amalgam
quadrants be addressed. Physiologically, there is a window of approximately 3-4 days
where the mercury toxicity levels will remain high in the blood before absorption into
body fat, then muscles, then organs, lastly bones, and of course always impacting nerve
tissue. It behooves the practitioner to implement the nutritional detox within this
window and even starting the day prior. I believe many of you are already familiar
with nutritional detox methods, so I will not go into it here other than to say I am a firm
believer not to implement aggressive (nutritional/pharmaceutical) detox methods while
amalgams are still present. When amalgams are no longer present, than aggressive
detox methods can be implemented to patient tolerance.

Before I describe the proposed screening method, it would behoove me to mention that
there is a significant number of people in the population that have no amalgam fillings
with no apparent health compromises. Yes, that is correct; however there is a caveat to
that statement. What I have seen clinically is that three (3) parameters will be present in
this population.
1) They exercise profusely …multiple times a week.
2) These individuals have a mostly clean healthy diet.
3) And most important they are in stable mental emotional state.
…It also helps to be a good detoxifier. 
What I have seen in clinical practice is that the body’s detox capacity and to some
degree immune system function are only as happy as you are. What I mean by that is
any degree of depression, emotional stressed state, etc. appears to dramatically reduce
ones capacity for detox. Thus if one has amalgam filling(s) and becomes compromised
on any of the three variable’s listed above, that’s when they lose their edge and illnesses
that stem from MT begin. Additionally, even if one has had all their amalgams
removed and they are efficient in the above three listed factors; they still can have MT
issues that will probably be concentrated in the CNS.

Now let’s talk symptoms: Because mercury is a potent neurotoxin, the most common
symptoms are often nerve related. This can be as simple as just exaggerated pain from
simple neuromusculoskeletal injuries, arthritic conditions, etc. and responsible for
slower healing from injuries in general. Systemically, Candida comes to mind. In my
opinion, the level of Candida seen clinically is generally equal to the level of MT. 
Unless one has an absolute pristine diet, you will see this common pattern. Often it is
the chronic Candida situation that leads you into thinking MT issues with or without
amalgams present, recently removed, or removed years ago. Also high on the list is
heart and all related vascular issues, thyroid, as well as all GI issues, and bones
(osteopenia and osteoporosis). The heart ranks high as it is the second highest
concentration of nerve tissue for organs. That leads us directly to the brain. Common
sense mandates that any neuro degenerative condition(s), any microbial infection that
involves the CNS or peripheral nervous system (PNS), or any exaggerated paresthesia
anywhere in the body must be considered as a complication of MT. 

The highest concentration of grey matter in the brain is the cerebellum and that takes us
back to cerebellum screening test. That topic will be described below or as a separate
attachment as well as a sample detox protocol. Feel free to copy and or modify it. The
goal is to get this information out, not restrict it. Further discussion including a video is
available on a website that I developed for another organization called Neural
Organization Technique. 

If you have questions, please contact me and or visit my