Cardiac back Stress Syndrome although self-resolving can be very painful in its acute stage. It will mimic the classic back pain and even trigger sciatic leg pain.  If one happens to have a chronic low-back condition, this will certainly trigger a major flare-up.

~ The terminology is descriptive of the cause ~
During emotionally stressful events, the body will attempt to disperse the stress physiologically via the internal organs. The most common pathway is the digestive system thru the stomach. Everyone has experienced this.
Approximately 20% of the time it chooses a different pathway - the Heart.  The heart does not appreciate the new stressor and will let you know.  You will begin to notice low back tightness traversing horizontally across the low back. Additional symptom often will include a weak feeling in the hamstrings with occasional chest/heart sensitivity and upper back tightness. This condition can quickly progress resulting in an acute inflammatory reaction and substantial back pain.
Remember without the common precipatory back injury event tendons, ligaments and muscles were not torn or strained so you will recover quickly.

What can you do about it (besides an urgent office visit) is heed to the back pain and lie down, rest, take an anti-inflammatory agent (optional), acknowledge the source of the stress, take 24-48 hours off and use whatever resources one has to diffuse the emotional stressors.  

You will get better but remember not to take the stress with you to bed via phone calls, emails etc. - REST.
Cardiac Back Stress Syndrome
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Cardiac back stress syndrome is the most common condition that brings a patient into my office for an unscheduled visit!