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Chronic Fatigue (CFS)   is a multifaceted and complex illness and one of the most challenging conditions for me to work with.  I have for a long time believed it to be primarily viral infection(s) that overwhelm the immune system, deteriorates the central nervous system, and metoboilic disturbances of energy production.  Research is now beginning to confirm this.
A medical diagnosis of CFS is made when these symptoms persist for more than 6 months: dull headaches, joint and muscle aches, fever and chills, sleep disturbances, tender lymph glands, exhaustion, and depression.

You can view a short video on ABC news (October 2009) at:

To read a short synopsis click here.
To read a Newspaper Article click here.

A full text can be read as a PDF file from Science 23 October 2009:
Vol. 326. no. 5952, pp. 585 - 589

My treatment plan for this condition is multifold and varies due to the many overlays that are concomitant with this illness.

Essentially a treatment program involves:
  • Clear emotional overlays (1-visit)
  • Reset/neutralize the survival systems (fight/flight/feeding/reproduction) as is necessary to lay the foundation to rebuild the fourth (internal) Immune survival system. (2-visits)
  • Rebuild the core Immune System (Spleen, Thymus, CNS, Macrophage NK-WBC's)  ...(2-visits)
  • Address Viral Load (~2-visits)

Common overlays are:
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity (mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings)
  • Associated Candida when mercury toxicity present
  • Other viral and non-viral microbial infections
  • Persistent emotional overlays
  • MCS and Fibro Myalgia ..other non-related neuromuscular related pain conditions
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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