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Does Vaccinations = Immunizations
are they helpful or harmful?

There is a huge debate as to whether receiving a vaccination actually imparts immunization. 

Receiving a vaccine will trigger an immune response:
  • Can it be an insult that weakens the immune system especially when an injection is delivered directly into the blood without first encountering the body's first-line defenses?
  • Will this vaccination really provoke a long lasting immune response?
  • Are you just hedging your bets that this milder insult of the disease/illness is worth the risk than getting a full blown case.  Maybe if you are elderly and have a weak immune system that could not resist the real disease ...this could be a good idea.
  • Do your infants and  children need to be vaccinated for sexually transmitted diseases?  Maybe the public health department is suggesting vaccination(s) against these disease as a way to minimize these disease in unscrupulous behaviors of  young adults later in life.  Perhaps in situations where the family unit has disintegrated into chaos and or parental control of young adults are compromised, then public health mandates can offer control at a young age (newborns-early childhood) in these situations.

If one feels exorbitantly pressured to vaccinate their infant, then my simple advise would be ...wait till your toddler is at least 2 years old and eating solid food.  Once a toddler is eating solid food, one's immune system is essentially fully functions and mature enough to mnimize a severe adverse vaccine reaction.

Most holistic care physicians do not let their children be vaccinated.  Physicians families are the highest population group that does not vaccinate their children.
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Vaccination friendly Physicians,     i.e.  will assist in qualifying and completing a medical exception.   And Pediatricians whom will not expel children from the practice whom have delayed vaccination schedules.
Vaccine Exemption Information
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will assist in qualifying and completing a medical exemption. And Pediatricians whom will not expel children from the practice whom have delayed vaccination schedules.
Questions to Ask before consenting to any Vaccine for both child and or adult.
  • Am I or my child sick right now?
  • Have I or my child had a bad reaction to a vaccination before?
  • Do I or my child have a personal or family history of vaccine reactions, neurological disorders,  severe allergies,, or immune system issues?
  • Do I know the disease and vaccine risks for myself/child?
  • Do I have full information about the vaccine's side effects?
  • Do I know how to identify and report a vaccine reaction?
  • Do I know I need a written record, including the vaccine manufacture's name and lot number, for all vaccines?
  • Do I know I have the right to make an informed choice?

This information is available at National Vaccine Information Center

Medical Exemption Request
...​information required
  • Need to relate 4 autoimmune reactions on either side of family tree going down up to 4 generations.  Try to document these medical conditions in any form
  • List any vaccine reactions of any kind to anyone in above.
  • You can also include, those individual(s) whom have had an auto immune condition and already passed on in the above.
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Dr. Corwin Thoughts on Vaccinations
Common sense should prevail regarding vaccinations

The basic concept of vaccines is to stimulate a humeral immune response within the  B & T Lymphocytes that imparts long term resistance against a variety of microbial agents. Our humeral Immune system naturally does this from both mothers transference and or a prior encounter(s) otherwise the human race would not have survived.

The issues are: there are some nasty microbial infections that can be encountered in traveling in foreign countries and or coming in contact with individual that are ill with these illnesses.  
  • Infants up to and including toddlers when they reach the age that they can eat unrestricted foods, is a landmark of a mature immune system development. It makes sense that if one feeds an infant sterilized foods and young toddlers restricted to well cooked foods it is because the immune system is immature and thus can not well defend against even common microbes.  Why would one want to introduce vaccines from nasty microbes to an immature immune system! >  Minimally wait till your child is eating unrestricted foods usually around two years old. >  Vaccine programs are started early based on public health factors that many underprivileged families will discontinued routine pediatric visits for their children after the age of two, thus the belief is introduce as many vaccines as possible before contact is lost with this population and kindergarten school age (4-5) when school vaccine schedules are again monitored monitored. .   
  • Many early infant/toddler vaccines are of disease that are commonly associated with promiscuous activities of adults. >  These vaccines are aimed at protecting your child from the promiscuous mother/parent(s).  Again the reasoning is looked at in the eyes of public health and not the individual (responsible) family unit. .
  •  Many of the vaccines are for illnesses that are so very rare that the likelihood is  statistically improbable. >  Life is not without some risk.   If vaccines are required for travel, maybe one should not go. .
  • If one is healthy then have faith in your immune system and life style. If one does contract illnesses such as shingles, whooping cough, etc. and you're healty, your immune system will respond appropriately and end up with life long immunity. . > Unless one lives in rural areas, access to medical care is readily available for essentially all the diseases that there are vaccines for.  This includes tetanus.   Tetanus is from an anaerobic bacteria commonly in contaminated animal/human fecessoil that enters thru a deep puncture wound.  This could be concern living on a farm or working near farm animals.  Even so, there is available medical treatment. One should also note that the feared tenus reaction is not from the tenanus bacteria but for the autoimmune response to the dying bacteria cell fragments.
  • Be an advocate for your own health and that of your child.  Be an individual and not participate as a public health statistic.
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