In an effort to locate an alternative to high cost dental work /amalgam removal -crowns, etc. in the U.S., Mexico is a viable option.
Dr. Corinne Vizcarra has been very highly recommended.  Patients from my office have been there and everyone has reported back that it was a wonderful - professional experience at an amazing reasonable  fee!

Dr. Vizcarra staff will assist you in all aspects of travel, lodging, payment and even arrange transportation via staying in a hotel adjacent to the US border and transport you to her office for your daily appointments.
In addition, Dr. Vizcarra is a Biological Dentist trained in Germany and will begin the appropriate chelation therapy immediately after your dental procedure(s).

Below is a copy of her website  ...her website link is: www.biodentistrydrvizcarra   &   Email
Corinne Vizcarra, DDS
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