In an effort to locate an alternative to high cost dental work /amalgam removal -crowns, etc. in the U.S.,
Mexico is a viable option.
American Bio Dental Dentists has been very highly recommended.  Patients from my office have been there and everyone has reported back that it was a wonderful - professional experience at an amazing reasonable  fee!

The dental staff including an on-site (MD) medical professional  will assist you in all aspects of your medical dental needs.  The facility is on the top floor of the hotel which one would stay in throughout ones care.   Transportation is arranged from airport to hotel.
In addition to the dental work, if amalgam removal is part of the procedure, Vitamin C chelation therapy will  immediately after your dental procedure(s).

Below is a copy of the website link is: www.biodentistrydrvizcarra (fee schedule page)
(1 877) 207-08-24
In the GRAND HOTEL Twin Towers
4558 Agua Caliente Blvd., Suite CC 1B, Tijuana-Mexico.
American Bio Dental
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